We are a digital and social media management agency that helps brands connect, converse, collaborate and co-create with its target customers. We do this with the intelligent use of digital, social, search and mobile platforms. We are a full service digital agency that delivers across the value chain right from launching a brand via digital to building a brands salience via digital channels to driving business leads and sales for a brand. We design, develop and promote websites and mobile applications that help your business grow.

In January 2018, the Company re-organized into two Business Units: System Solutions and Digital Advertising Services. This simplified the structure promotion synergies and further reinforced the company, positioning of Numerical Heights, to be one of the most integrated company in its sector.

What We Do

Numerical Heights offers a range of services to help take your business to new heights. Scroll through some of the services we offer to help bring business ideas to life with creativity.

To be a successful African information technology company trusted by its customers for service excellence, caring for its employees and collaborating with our customers to deliver innovative and value driven ICT products and services.

To build a strong and respected brand associated with being a trusted corporate strategy advisory that will be synonymous with improving and solving the clients’ business challenges through technology change and innovation.

Digital Marketing

Fueling Digital Success: We leverage all digital channels such as search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, and websites to connect your business and reach out to your prospective clients.


Web Development

Elevate Your Online Presence: We create distinctive website design and development that will enable you to stand out from the crowd. Dynamic websites, responsive website, Publicity website, blog spots, E-commerce websites.


Print & Design

Transforming Ideas into Reality: With our expertise we can give a face to your company, by branding your stationary, vehicles, Packaging, Company uniforms, Outdoor advertising. We also offer quality bulk printing services.


Mobile App Development

Elevating Experiences: We are a leading mobile application development company, crafting innovative solutions that empower businesses, and redefine the way we interact with technology


Graphic Design

We offer graphic design services to help your brand. We create professional logo, letterhead, business card, company profile etc. to bring your brand to life.

Enterprise Business Solutions

Unlocking Business Potential: We utilize industry knowledge, expertise, and experienced team to give you solutions that will enhance your business performance and  processes.


USSD Applications

Revolutionizing Connectivity: We build cutting-edge USSD applications and integrations, empowering businesses to engage and serve customers seamlessly through simple, interactive mobile experiences


Data Integrity Management

Securing Trust, Empowering Growth: We design and develop data integrity management systems that helps business digitize and keep track of records for customer management and documentation.


Server Management

Streamline, Optimize, Succeed: We offer server installation, configurations and management services. Our expertise in server virtualization, configurations and management ensures that your servers run smoothly and avoid data loss.


Our Expertise

Development 90%
Graphic Design 80%
Digital Marketing 70%
Print & Design 95%

Our Valued Clients